Nasty Shower? Here’s How to Fix It...


GUARANTEED To Get Your Shower Looking Fresh, Clean, mold FREE And New Again

If you cringe every time you step into your shower...if you are embarrassed of its appearance even after you’ve tried cleaning it...if you have tried all the DIY YouTube videos and products without a satisfactory result...then this message is just for you.

Transform Your Shower Into a Sparkling Clean, Modern Oasis and Save Thousands!

And you need to realize that continuing to ignore this problem will result in a smelly, embarrassing, health hazard of a bathroom.

What most people do when facing an ugly shower:

*Waste money on special brushes.
*Use chemical products that leave hands red and itchy.
*Hire a professional cleaner – it smells good afterward, but the stains are still there. 
*Ignore the problem as it gets worse and worse.
*Consider home equity loans to afford that contractor’s estimate. Yikes.
But you need to do something! Showering should be a health benefit not a hazard. There is nothing healthy about showering in a grimy mildewed shower.


...looking forward to a refreshing shower. Step into a crisp, fresh bathroom that sparkles from top to bottom, and in every crevice. Wake yourself up with an energetic boost that will set you up for a day of success.

...coming home after a hard stressful day and take your short escape to wash all your burdens away. It’s a simple, but powerful luxury!

I’ve got an answer that works! My personal training studio had perpetually ugly showers. I had hired a janitorial company to come fix the problem. A health studio with showers that looked like a science fair experiment? It was embarrassing. I began to research, and I discovered a shower system that made ugly, grungy showers look new again – and it was affordable. I changed careers!

For the past 15 years, It Worked for These People, And It Will Work for You.
Here’s what it did for me...I was able to make an ugly shower look new again without having to replace it.
Here are a few of many happy customers...

Lou Mitchel recommends Re-Nu Tile and Grout Restoration.

Re-Nu did an awesome job cleaning my tile and bathtub. I thought we had no choice but to tear out the old tile and tub, but Gabriel said he could make the old dirty moldy tile look like new, and to my surprise he actually did! For a fraction of the cost of completely redoing my bathroom I now have sparkling clean like new tub, tub surround and tile floors. I think they probably look better than they did when they were first installed. I am completely satisfied.

Veronica Mitchell recommends Re-Nu Tile and Grout Restoration.

Re-Nu replaced the grout in our master shower, and it looks awesome! They take pride in theirwork, and it shows. I will definitely recommend services to others.

When you hire the experts at Re-Nu Tile to restore your shower, you’ll

• Want to sing in your shower again!
• Have a brand-new looking shower in less than 24 hours.
• Spend pennies compared to what that contractor quoted you.
• Start your day invigorated, and end it refreshed.

We welcome questions from home owners with ugly showers. Our team will explain the simple process and show you how to keep your new favorite room in the house looking beautiful.

We guarantee you will be delighted, or you don’t pay. No risk!

Do you want to replace your shower, restore it or continue to tolerate it? You have a choice to make. Decide to step into your fresh crisp clean new looking shower!

Here’s what to do now...Click below and schedule your free estimate TODAY!

Missing / Cracking Grout 

Loose Tile From Ignoring Missing Grout  

Years Of Soap Scum And Hard Water Minerals 

Does Your Shower Need To Be RESTORED? 
Your Shower May Need More Than Just A Regular Cleaning!

Re-Nu Tile and Grout Restoration has developed a 5 Step Process that will make your shower look like a brand new install. 
This is a process developed over the years that will make your shower look like new! No regular store bought cleaners or hired house cleaning services will achieve these result. A combination of specialized cleaners, tools and grout restoration techniques are used to get shower transformative results.
Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning, Repair and Restoration
 An inspection of your shower will be performed, looking for signs of wear and tear from daily use. Many of the issues usually found can cause underlying damage to the tile substrate if it is ignored. Finding these issues now and having a plan to repair can save you thousands of dollars in repair and even tear out and replacement .

Take A Look At This Case Study
Exclusive Behind The Scenes Shower Restoration Magic...

How We Took A Shower, Made A Few Repairs, And Saved This Homeowner $5,800 With Our Restoration Process and Repairs...

Hello, my name is Gabriel Tavarez owner at Re-Nu Tile and Grout Restoration LLC. 
I recently received a call from a homeowner who thought he might have to demo his entire shower and completely remodel it. He was concerened because water was seeping from the perimeter of the shower floor and it always looked wet. 

In a moment of desperation, he decided to try us out and get a second opinion after being told he would have to demo the entire shower and start from the 2x4's. After calling us we had him fixed up in one and a half days, we restored his shower and with a few minor repairs saved him $5,800 on a complete shower remodel...

I thought this casestudy was a good one to share with you and I hope you find it informative!

CASESTUDY: How We Took Shower With Some Issues, Made A Few Simple Tweaks, And Turned It Into A New Shower In 1.5 Days For A Fraction Of The Cost Of Replacement. We saved the homeowner $5,800!

Inspection of Your Shower 

When You call to schedule an estimate we will inspect your shower. We will be looking for signs of wear and tear from daily use. Many of the issues we find can be repaired and save you money in the long run. Finding these issue now and having a plan to repair can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in repairs or possibly even tear out and replacement. 
When we inspected the shower one of the issues we found was cracking grout. The water was finding its way into these crack and getting underneath the tile at the bench top and under the shower floor tile. The water was eroding the thinset and washing it away. We could tell this was happening because the floor tile sounded hollow. 
On the picture on the left we have already removed the floor tile. As you can see the black areas are mold where water was getting underneath the tile and staying wet. The picture on the right shows the missing grout where water was seeping under the floor tile. This tile was removed and replaced.  

Our Process On This Project 
We performed a two step cleaning process. The first cleaning step utilizes a mild acid based cleaner which will demineralize the shower surface. The second cleaning phase utilizes a alkaline solution to neutralize the acid and remove soap scum, body oils and other oily contaminants off the shower surface. 

The third step was to apply a color restorative sealer to all the grout lines. This gives your shower grout color a uniform look, eliminates fading, dark stains and will make it look like new. The bonus is that it is an epoxy/acrylic sealer that makes your grout water proof. 

The fourth step was to repair all the missing grout, and recaulk all edges with a grout color matched siliconized grout.  


Major Repairs That Could Have Been Avoided 

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